Our relationship and walk with the Lord does not just happen by chance, but rather by choice. Regardless of life’s never ending ups and downs, God’s love remains the same. Yet even though His love is constant, why are most of us challenged to put God first in every facet of our lives?

Woman to Woman was created by women longing for the secret to consistency in their relationship with the Lord. Through the journey, we found five main areas of struggle for women in today’s world. What we have found is no secret at all and there is no formula. There is only the invitation to welcome Him into a lasting relationship. Woman to Woman will help you to discover your unique design, remove the barriers that keep you from letting go, unveil the power of your words while creating a love for His, and form godly relationships with others.

We all long to be a part of something greater. The only purpose that is as central to the principles outlined above is to mobilize others to join you in your journey. The Woman to Woman manual is designed for leaders to walk other women through the process of finding tangible results, while encouraging them to take ‘next steps’ in their spiritual growth. This curriculum is a valuable tool for anyone seeking out a leadership opportunity that gives clear instruction on how to inspire others to live a God-centered life.
Small Groups Curriculum