Life change happens in the context of relationships. These groups are designed to help you experience positive life change. Groups meet for exactly one (1) hour.

*Spring Semester is from January 28 to April 28.

Check out a group! Some of your best friends await you.

Ultimate Frisbee Group

Sunday @ 3 pm
Location: Jack Puryear Park: 5701 Lee St. NE, St. Petersburg, FL, 33703
Leader: Joey Catalano
Phone: 727-642-2065

This group is a recreational based group focusing on creating life-giving moments with each other through wholesome, spirited competition. The group will be a great time of competition, exercise and bond-building with other believers and seekers.

Care and Share Group

Tuesdays @ 7 pm
Location: 5615 33rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Leader: Theresa
Phone: 727-804-9257

This group is a home-based group designed to allow people to come, experience the love of the Lord through a caring community and have the opportunity in a controlled environment to share what God is doing in their life or what God is speaking to them about.

Coast Chicks Group

Tuesdays @ 6pm
Location: 500 110th Ave N, Apt 204, St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Leader: Madina Hodge
Phone: 609-933-0195

This group is for young ladies and will be going through a curriculum called Feed the Dog. The book teaches and encourages us to feed our spirit, rather than our flesh so that we as followers of Christ can reach full maturity and experience God’s best in this life. The group will be a great time of vision for young ladies who are seeking to live a spirit-filled life within God’s plan and purposes.

Moms Group

Tuesdays at 10 am
Location: Largo Library, 120 Central Park Dr., Largo, FL 33771
Leader: Michelle
Phone: 727-365-7649

This group is designed to serve mothers in the unique season of life that only another mom can relate to. In it, the normal struggles of being a parent will, in fact, be normalized and those attending will be equipped with prayer, fellowship and Biblical insight as to how we as parents can best serve our children. The group will be a very encouraging time of fellowship and connecting around such an eternally important topic – being a godly mother!

Socratic Club

Wednesday @ 7 pm
Location: Cody’s Roadhouse Restaurant, 4360 Park St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709
Leader: David
Phone: 727-348-6243

This group is for thinkers, philosophers, left and right wingers, funny fundamentals, liberals, conservatives, fun-loving hippies, and any other Socratic minded people who just want to hang out, have the chance to process (in a kind manner) perspectives. This group will be a great time of discussion, humor and fellowship.

Coast Bereans Group

Wednesday @ 6 pm
Location: 2101 Sunset Point Rd #1902 Clearwater, FL 33765
Leader: Dr. Gabric
Phone: 864-907-7746

The Coast Bereans will strive to emulate those individuals who Paul encountered in the town of Berea which is mentioned in Acts 17:10-11 The Coast Berean group is designed for those who have a desire to grow closer to the Lord through studying His Word. The first semester will focus on learning more about the Bible. This semester is for those who may have tried and failed to follow through on a plan to study the entire Bible. The study will aid you in grasping the “big picture’ of the Bible.

Pro-Life Group

Thursdays @ 12 pm
Location: All Women’s Abortion Clinic, 4131 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Leader: Scott Mahurin
Phone: 727-481-3354

This group will literally stand on public property outside an abortion clinic and in a loving way offer hope to mothers who may be open to the hope offered through Jesus Christ. And to the truth that the life of their preborn child matters. The group will have a short devotion about God’s definition of life, how to pray for the preborn and a tangible way of offering connection points for mothers willing to receive encouragement and who are open to a life-giving community of support. The group will be a time of supernatural and natural impact in a very time-sensitive area of ministry.

Parenting Group

Thursday @ 6 pm
Location: 2797 58th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714
Leader: Holly Garmon
Phone: 205-504-9524

This group will help support parents in their journey of leading their children in the ways of the Lord. It is a home-based group in St. Pete and will open with prayer, fellowship and go through Chip Ingram’s – Raising Effective Children in a Defective World. Books are $12. The groups will be a great time of encouragement.

Gamer’s Group

Friday @ 7 pm
Location: 10851 Endeavour Way, Largo, FL 33777
Leader: David
Phone: 727-348-6243

This group will hang out, play board or card games and talk as it comes up about spiritual things. The group will open up with an informal prayer and will be a great time to connect with new people and deepen relationships.

Destiny Group

Saturday @ 11:30 am
Location: Panera, 1908 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704
Leader: Pastor Trent
Phone: 727-316-5433

This group is designed to help you reach and fulfill “destiny moments” in every season and relationship of life. Pastor Trent will help you (1) create an “Identity Statement”, (2) understand what it means to receive revelations and/or encouragement from God which is the core to living a life of “Faith”, (3) discern the singularity of “Purpose” for every season and relationship so that you don’t get spiritually distracted and (4) understand the light yoke of the Lord which is custom designed for you to diligently and joyfully carry as a follower of Christ. This will be the first time this group meets and the material will be provided via handouts and PowerPoint.