Life change happens in the context of relationships. These groups are designed to help you experience positive life change. Groups meet for exactly one (1) hour.

*Fall Semester is from September 2nd to December 1st.

Check out a group! Some of your best friends await you.

Church of the Coast – “Sports Club”

Sunday @ 3 pm
Leader: Joey Catalano
Phone: 864-907-7746

Marriage Group

Monday @ 6 pm
Leader: Trent & Holly Garmon
Phone: 205-504-9524


Current Students

Tuesday @ 7:30 pm
Leader: Madina Hodge
Phone: 609-933-0195

“Coast Bereans”

Wednesday @ 6 pm
Leader: Dr. Larry Gabric
Phone: 864-907-7746


Young Seekers

Wednesday @ 6 pm
Leader: Cana Lugo
Phone: 813-317-5970


“Women Empowering Women”

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
Leader: Cowanna Johnson
Phone: 727-504-6184


Socratic Club

Wednesday @ 7:30pm
Leader: David MacFarlane
Phone: 727-348-6243


Healthy Changes

Tuesday @ 7 pm
Leader: Theresa Curtis
Phone: 727-804-9257

Leaders Conversation Group *Team and Small Group Leaders

Saturday @ 9 pm
Leader: Trent Garmon
Phone: 727-316-5433