Growth Track is our church’s basic introduction to what we believe, who we are, how we operate and who God created you to be! That combination then positions you to do what we believe God created you to do which is – be empowered in your purpose. So through these four systematic classes which begin 10 minutes after service each Sunday you will learn the following:

stepONE – Follow ~ Learn what we believe the Bible teaches about following Jesus and why a “life-giving” relationship with God is the most freeing and yet empowering perspective you can have.

stepTWO – Connect ~ Learn what we believe the Bible teaches about the structure of a church and how we at The Coast are structured. Also learn how we operate and why!

stepTHREE – Discover ~ This step allows you to discover the real you. You will learn about your spiritual gifts and personality which we believe will help you discover why you were made! We believe your “design leads to your destiny”, so come take a confidential personality test and spiritual gift inventory to discover the “real you”.

stepFOUR – Serve ~ Learn how you can be empowered in the church to serve Jesus and advance the Gospel. We will provide the chance for you to connect with a pastor and then team lead so that you are fully empowered to serve in the church!

We are so excited to see what God is doing and would love to tell you more about the church. So join us each Sunday for a clear next step in your journey with God! A meal, drinks and the Growth Track book are provided at no cost! We’ve got you covered! You can register below: