“Do the Process” series is a 4 part series designed to help you not only reach, but fulfill destiny moments in every season and relationship of life. This week we are going to unpack what the Bible says about Christ, His identity and YOUR identity.

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Meadowlawn Middle School

6050 16th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33703
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  1. We ran into a couple of men at Panera after leaving outback on 4th street last night. I believe we were in the right place at the right time. My girlfriend her son and I were walking our and I think it was Troy and Daniel were bringing something into Panera. I have been trying to share the Lord with both of them and I fear for their salvation. I woke early this morning with a heavy heart as we have all been thru tough times but She is seeing Gods grace and mercy. She is saying it’s so coincidental and I say it’s Gods work not ours. I need prayer for ears to hear and eyes to see me through leading them both to Christ or planting the seeds for them to both seek Him as I have. I felt we didn’t just run into these men on a whim. I believe it was divine intervention. She said she would join me for the first time in her life at your ten am service Sunday. Saying I got the (goose) Jesus bumps when those two men where speaking to us. I told her it was The spirit speaking to her. I have felt such a call to share the word with her and her son whom I both love. I never new there was anyone who didn’t know who Moses was or god or Jesus or the spirit. I assumed everyone New this. I feel very naive and ashamed that I’ve not done a better job being the spiritual leader in my home to begin speaking. I’ve introduced prayer at every meal as we hold hands to fellowship with Christ at meal time and they are both adding to the prayers now but I need ministering angels to help me hear what God wants me to share with them. Please pray for us as I have been at Calvary chapel for the last 6 years and went from attending twice per week and also attending life groups to not going. Please pray for our family and that come Sunday I can over come satans attempt to side track us from attending your service as a visitor. Sorry for rambling. I woke at 4 am this morning completely engrossed in the way we met with the men from your fellowship last night. God is speaking to my heart this morning. I kept hearing psalm 28:8 My heart has heard you say come and speak with me and my heart says lord I am coming.

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