The Overseers are five pastors of well respected congregations and ministries who love Church of the Coast and are willing to provide spiritual protection to the church. They may be called in to help in accountability matters relating to the Lead Pastor if requested by the Pastors or Trustees. The Overseers serve as Apostolic Elders.

The Overseers for Church of the Coast are:


Dr. Clifton Clark, Restoration Christian Fellowship, Virginia Beach, Virginia, website

Pastor Gene Strickland, New Heights Fellowship, Chesapeake, Virginia, website

Dr. Derek Allen, Christ Centered Church, Miami, Florida, website

Pastor Nathan Griffith, MA, Chosen For Completion Ministries, Norfolk, Virginia, website

Pastor Joel Vincente, Open Arms Church, Tampa, Florida, website


The Board of Advisors consists of Advisers that are leaders of nationally and internationally respected congregations and ministries who love God and love Church of the Coast. They have great wisdom and are willing to provide spiritual guidance to the church.

PeterGrabe_smallDr. Petrus Grabe – Academic Focus As a published author and long-time collegiate professor, Dr. Grabe brings a clear voice from the academia to the church. He maintains a health balance between Biblical and practical theology which will keep the leadership and by proxy the church biblically fine-tuned and yet sensitive to the world around us.
AntipasDr. Antipas Harris – Leadership Development FocusAs a college professor, author and international speaking, Dr. Harris’ understanding of leadership and implementing such flows into several arenas in a powerful way. His experience and wisdom will help the church remain focused not just in seeing people come to Christ and grow in their faith, but also in intentionally raising up future leaders who will carry the mantel in a mighty way.
EdithDr. Edith Prakash – Great Commission Focus As an evangelist and daughter of an evangelist, Edith grew up with a Great Commision focus. She has organized and hosted hundreds of international Gospel Crusades seeing thousands at a time hear the good news of Jesus for the first time and accept Him as their Lord. Dr. Prakash’s love for missions and the Gospel will help keep the discipleship and evangelism balance in order.
PastorTonyAndSheryllAshmorePastors Tony & Sheryll Ashmore – Legacy Focus As planting and founding pastors of Lifegate Church in Villa Rica, Georgia, the Ashmore’s have successfully plant and sustain a multi-campus church. Through their wisdom, love for the Lord and guidance the church has also undergone a successful change of leadership which, among other reasons, positions them with a unique understanding of starting and finishing strong. They bring to our church a real “legacy” mindset.
kyle-cantrell_700_307_80-croppedPastor Kyle Cantrell – Worship Focus Kyle has lead worship with one of the most dynamic worship teams in the world – Highlands Worship. And he has recorded several worship albums, as well as led teams through hundreds of worship sets. His anointing and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit brings a powerful flow of advice to our leadership and our church.
Darren-ShearerDarren Shearer – Publishing Focus Darren is a Christian business man, visionary and published author. He also founded and operates Highbridge Books which has become a well-known and highly respected publishing company. With Darren’s commitment to excellence and understanding of the need to “Market like Jesus” as one of his books is titled, he will help ensure the direction of the church remains focused upon being effective not just in worship and message, but by through effective publications and marketing.